2-day trip
to west

Chania - Elafonisi - Kedrodasos

Ierapetra - Chania - Elafonisi - Kedrodasos
One way approx. 306.0 km, 5h min driving time

Crete is the biggest island of Greece and the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean. This means that it takes time to visit it and get to know it well. Are you ready to explore Western Crete’s beauties too? You will just need to drive a bit longer and get to the island’s second largest city, the beautiful Chania. Here, the traditional architecture has been preserved and you can admire some precious examples at the Old Town. Once you are in the West you shouldn’t miss diving into some of the island’s most amazing beaches.

Thing To Do

  • Wander around Chania’s Venetian port.
  • Visit the graves of Venizelos.
  • Visit the Chrisoskalitissa monastery.

Split your journey and spend the night here. Then, drive South all the way to the heaven-like Elafonissi lagoon. Pink sand and turquoise waters complete the breathtaking exotic landscape. A short drive away you can enjoy a quick dive at the Kedrodasos beach. Once you park the car, there is a good 20-minute walk down a small, rocky path. However, you then reach the beach which is full of junipers and great waters.



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