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Wineries Tour

Wine is Crete’s hidden treasure. There is a wine making history that goes back 4.000 years and a great number of local grape varieties which thrive on the island. Why not follow awarded wineries’ routes which will guide you through the whole island? From East to West and from North to South, explore Crete’s amazing wine history through wine tasting but also great story telling from the winemakers themselves!

Starting from where you are, there is the famous monastery and winery of Toplou. The vineyards in the area go as far back as anyone can remember. There used to be an old domain in the palm grove, while there is a wine-press in the area dating back to 1709. Replanting started in 1975 and now there are more than 60 acres of organically cultivated grapes producing a great quantity of exquisite organic wine!

Driving towards Heraklion, follow the scenic route through the village of Vianos and get to an area full of small villages with a great wine history. Visit the beautiful Tamiolakis Winery which is on the outskirts of the village Choudetsi. Not far, you will find the Paterianakis Domaine where you can admire the hundreds of acres of vineyards spreading around you.

Not to Miss

The Lyrarakis Estate is a not-to-miss. Enjoy a tour in their great cellar. Just before the village of Metaxochori, the Michalakis Estate is located. Visit the beautiful vineyard, the environmentally-friendly winery and try their high quality wines.

Heading southwest towards the foothills of Psiloritis, you will reach the village of Dafnes. If you are a wine lover Dafnes is the place to be! The Dafnes’ Wine Feast has been taking place in the village since the 70s, usually around July. All the wineries of the area meet in the central square, bring out their production and treat visitors. Douloufakis Winery is located in the village and you can try great wines of local, Italian and French grape varieties. A few minutes away is the village of Siva. The Winery Silva Daskalaki which is located here, applies the idea of biodynamic cultivation to its organically grown vineyards – it’s worth trying their beautiful wine. In the village of Kato Asites you can visit the Diamantakis Winery with its vineyard spreading on terraces at an altitude of 400 meters!

The areas of Rethymno and Chania have some great wineries too! If you decide to drive all the way here it’s best to spend the night and split your journey.
About a 20-minute drive from Chania, you can visit the Manousakis Winery – Nostos Wines, with its traditional wine-press which is still in use to this day. Alikampos village is located at the Lefka Ori foothills on the road to Sfakia. Once here, it does not feel like you are on an island. The fresh mountain air is invigorating. Visit the Dourakis Winery, try their wine, check out their beautiful herb garden and old cellar.



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